Las Vegas Bail Bonds have served Nevada with some of the most professional bail bondsmen. What happens in Vegas needs to stay here! You and your buddies might have envisioned a night on town, but suddenly your Vegas experience is dampened because one of your friends just landed in jail. This vacation has become a nightmare. Your mind races as you start to contemplate how to help your friend. Your finances took a bit of a hit during your spree at the casino. What are you supposed to do?

eBAIL Las Vegas Bail Bonds

eBAIL Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Las Vegas

What Is A Bail Bond & How Does It Work?

A bail bond is an answer to your friend’s plight. Nevada bail bond rates are by law required to be 15% of the bail amount. The bail will be decided by the particular jail or court. Essentially, Bail Bonds in Las Vegas work similarly to checks. Upon receipt of 15% of the bail, the bail bondsman will write a check to the jail. This check is held as collateral and allows for the release of your friend or loved one.

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Options for getting an Inmate out of Jail

You have a few options in this situation.

Hire an Attorney
You could attempt to hire an attorney in Nevada. This is by far the slowest option. You will have to do a bit of research if you intend to secure a reputable attorney. Using an attorney could take weeks. This option is typically the route one might choose if the bail is very large or $50,000 and up.
Pay the Full Amount of Bail
If you have the means, you could pay the full amount of the bail.
Pay 15% of Bail by purchasing a Bail Bond
If this is not an option because you do not have an abundant supply of money just lying around, take heart. Bail Bonds Las Vegas is quite affordable. You can pay a mere fraction of the bail. By purchasing a bail bond you are only required to immediately pay 15% of the bail amount.

How Expensive Is A Bail Bond in Nevada?

Bail bonds in Las Vegas are regulated to be 15% of the total bail amount. For example, if the bail is set for $1000, the bail bond would cost $150. The Las Vegas Bail Bonds company writes a check for $1000 to give to the jail. Your friend is released. Once all court dates have been observed and attended the check is returned to the bail bonding company.

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Are There Payment Options For A Bail Bond?

There are payment options for a bail bond at Las Vegas Bail Bonds. You pay very little down and make payments in easy installments. There are some individuals who even qualify to pay no money down. Your bail bondsman can help assess the plans for which you qualify.

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How Long Does It Take To Get An Inmate Released From A Vegas Jail?

You might be wondering how long your friend or loved one will sit in jail. It is incredible how your mind conjures images of horrific jail scenes from TV and movies. Obviously, you want to friend out of a Nevada jail fast. Every minute counts. The amount of time your friend spends in jail will be a bit influenced by the jail itself. Jail release times can vary depending on how many people have just been arrested. The jail times at Clark County Detention Center and the City of Henderson jails can run the gambit between 6 and 12 hours. If the time of release happens to fall of a holiday or a weekend, it could take longer for your friend to be released from jail. There are also circumstances at the jails that result in slower release time. However, as soon as the bail is posted at the jail, the cogs of the release process are in motion.

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Call Marc Gabriel for Las Vegas Bail Bonds

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How Do I Reach A Las Vegas Bail Bondsman?

Thanks to technology, it can be easier than ever to contact a bail bondsman. It is wise to note that eBAIL can serve your bail bond needs. You can get online bail bonds in Las Vegas in record time. If you have three minutes, you have enough time for online bail bonds transactions. You can also call a bail bondsman and the service can be handled over the phone. If you prefer, a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman is available to come to your location.

The bail bondsman’s goal is to make this process easier for you. You can rest assured that you are in good hands. This bail bonds company is fully licensed by the Nevada Department of Insurance and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It is noteworthy that this company is the only bail bond company in Vegas to receive accreditation from the BBB. The top attorneys refer many clients to our company.

Each Las Vegas Bail Bondsman is professional and understands that your information is confidential. Clients are always treated with respect. The payment plans are guaranteed and created in order to lighten your financial burden. We understand this is a stressful time for you. It is our goal to alleviate some of the stress from the situation.

Your friend or loved one will be very glad you opted for a bail bond to help aid them in their time of need. Sometimes everyone needs a little help. Your bond of friendship will probably ultimately be strengthened by the way in which you opted for a route of fast action. No one wants to just sit in jail in Nevada.

Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Las Vegas Bail Bonds

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Las Vegas Bail Bonds at eBAIL 702-462-9200

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